Looking for an easy, family friendly hike that provides a mix of interesting experiences and easy access?  Try Bird Island Park, one of Ponte Vedra’s most loved destinations.

The Bird Island Park Experience

Located next to the Ponte Vedra Beach library just off A1A, Bird Island Park allows you to slowly stroll along a boardwalk through a mix of Florida ecosystems.  There is a mix of educational signage that helps you understand the diverse mix of flora and fauna in the park, like the native hammock.

The park is great if you have small children as they can try out the sea turtle maze at the southern portions of the park, or the children’s play area. There are plenty of benches and picnic tables if you bring a picnic, as well as two gazeboes and an outdoor story theater.

You almost always can see a range of turtles as you walk along the boardwalk and as its name implies, a broad mix of birds can be seen in its many trees and the lake, including herons and anhingas.

Much of the walkways are handicap accessible so if some in your party have some mobility limitations, this can be a great place to get outside.  The park is also dog friendly, but the pets must be on a leash.

As you are hiking, remember these spot is a sensitive ecosystem that can easily be damaged.  You can be a “Sustainable PVB Guest” by keeping these tips in mind.

  • Stay on designated paths to prevent trampling on sensitive plants and animals – these park environments are very sensitive.
  • Keep the “natural” in “natural areas” by packing in what you pack out.
  • Please do not feed the wildlife while in the park.
  • Pick up after your pet to make sure this natural environment is maintained and attractive to all visitors.


Experience: Hike Bird Island Park

Address: 101 Library Blvd. Ponte Vedra Beach

Entrance Fee: None

Hours: Dawn until Dusk

Website: http://www.co.st-johns.fl.us/recreation/parks/BirdIslandPark.aspx

Facilities Available: There are a mix of picnic tables and gazebos, along with children play equipment.  No restroom facilities are available in the park but there are facilities in the adjacent library.

Level of Difficulty: Easy, with much of the walkways handicap assessable.

Other Information:

Tips From The Experts

  1. The park has a relatively small parking area – if its full, drive to the southern area of the library where there is typically lots of available spaces.
  2. Three times around the park is about a mile so you can make it a short stroll or a longer hike depending on the number of times around.
  3. Take your time reading the many descriptive signs that will help you understand the array of vegetation and its backgrounds.