While the lake always attracts an array of birds, during its low water season an even greater mix of birds are attracted looking for food.

The Guana Lake Birding Experience

Guana Lake was formed by damming a portion of the Guana River. Active wildlife management practices combined with a diversity of natural communities make Guana Lake an excellent place to view wildlife, especially birds. During April and October, especially with a west wind or after a cold front, this is the best place in Northeast Florida to see  peregrine falcons. More than 3,000 migratory ducks, American coots, common gallinules and pied-billed grebes winter at Guana Lake.

White pelicans, ospreys and bald eagles often fish at the impounded lake. Watch for black-necked stilts, yellowlegs, dowitchers and other shorebirds at the lake’s north end when water levels are low.

When you are visiting, you can help ensure limited environmental impacts by being a “Sustainable PVB Guest” – keep these recommendations in mind.

  • Do not Feed birds food meant for humans: Most human food is garbage to birds, especially bread.  Eating human food prevents them from eating what they need to survive.
  • Birds can come to rely on discarded fish as opposed to hunting for their own meals,
  • Keep the “natural” in “natural areas” by packing out what you pack in.
  • Let birds and animals eat their natural foods.  Animals may become conditioned to handouts, eventually losing their fear of people and/or vehicles.


Experience: GTM

Address: 505 Guana Road, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 32082

Hours: GTM Visitor Center open 9-4 Tuesday-Saturday. Trails open from 8 a.m. to sunset.


Tips From The Experts

  1. Pets on leashes are allowed; use the available dispense bags to clean up after your four legged friend.
  2. Add bird observations to the Guana River WMA eBird Hotspot
  3. Use the installed signage to identify birds and animals.