What better way to see long expanses of the ocean but to bike the beach? Ride at low tide for a nice firm sand base.

Bike the Beach at Low Tide Experience

Biking on sand can be a challenge, but a low tide will give you a firm base to ride on. Low tide in Ponte Vedra Beach changes frequently so check any number of on-line tide tables to get the latest on when it will be best to set off.

While there are many locations to start from, try the South Parking Lot of the GTM Research Reserve. You’ll typically find easy parking access and just take your bike across A1A and get to the beach via the boardwalk.

If you travel south, it’s about 12 miles to St. Augustine. Once you get into town you can choose from a wide range of great dining options or check out the many historic sites that make St. Augustine so unique. Make sure to bring a lock if you will be going inside and leaving your bike unattended.

If you go north, it’s about a 5.5-mile ride to Micklers Landing in Ponte Vedra Beach. For a nice relaxing day, take some time on Micklers Beach and enjoy a picnic, they have tables, restrooms, and a mix of other support facilities.

If you don’t have a bike, choose from one of a number of outfitters in the area. They can provide a bike that will be perfect for the beach, along with helmets and other equipment you might want to use for your outing.

When you are biking, you can help ensure limited impacts to the beaches by being a “Sustainable PVB Guest” – keep these recommendations in mind.

  • Stay on designated paths as you access the beach to prevent biking on sensitive plants and animals.  
  • Stick to sunscreens that are free of oxybenzone and octinoxate, two of the most common ingredients found in chemical formulas.
  • Keep the “natural” in “natural areas” by packing out what you pack in.
  • Share the Beach while biking on the amazing beaches, watch out for sea turtles! Sea turtle nesting season begins May 1 and visitors are encouraged to not approach sea turtles emerging from or returning to the sea.
  • Enjoy the beach at slower periods of the day and season to limit beach crowding.
  • Stop by the GTM Environmental Education Center to better understand these unique ecosystems and support this important institution.
  • Donate and become a member of the GTM Research Reserve. Funds go directly to protecting, researching and teaching others about the Reserve.


Experience: Bike Beach at Low Tide

Address: 1640 Ponte Vedra Blvd, Ponte Vedra Beach

Hours: Dawn to Dusk

Website: NA

Facilities Available: The South Beach Parking lot of the GTM has parking availability and is positioned between Ponte Vedra Beach and St. Augustine.

Level of Difficulty: Easy to challenging – depending on the length of ride you are taking

Other Information:

Tips From The Experts

  1. The GTM parking lots can fill on weekend afternoons and on holidays – going earlier in the day will better ensure easy access.
  2. Make sure to bring a lock if you will be going inside and leaving your bike unattended.
  3. Pack a towel and snacks in a backpack – enjoy a swim part way through your ride.